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learner types, a task for our junior trainers

There are a variety of ways of describing language learner styles. The CELTA book (Thornbury – Watkins) presents on two intersecting axes, the studial-experiential axis and the passive-active axis the four types;

active- studial




A studial learner prefers formal study, over learning by chatting with foreigners, but he/she can be either passive or active. An active studial learner will be self-directed and capable of working alone. A passive studial learner- the worst case, if you ask me- is less confident, he/she has no initiative and relies on the teacher. experiantial learners are able and willing to se every opportunity to develop their skills, mostly communication skills: watching TV, listening to the radio, chatting, participating in social media with foreigners, etc. This category can include active and passive types too, though most of the passive experiential learners can easily be developed into active ones .

Please describe your students based on the features presented below.

Then reflect and write a short answer:

Why is it important for a language teacher to know that these differences exist?