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Idei pentru o lectie de engleza pentru afaceri (XIII)

If your intermediate/upper-intermediate student can listen to /watch it twice, you can ask him/her to say what she was speaking about.

Then you can use the text of what a person involved in Ann DeVere’s program, Dr. Beverly Tillman, Founder LEAP of Faith, says(the words/collocations in bold can be taught/practiced):

“Four weeks into Ann’s Richest Niche program, I have hit the spot and that is the target. I know who my target, niche and most profitable customer is and how to get to them!
Now, what I found is that previously I was at best guessing who they were and not understanding what they wanted or how to easily get to them, but Ann’s program solved this dilemma. I now know specifically who my customer is, what they want and how to reach them easily.

I would say that if your business is not where it should be by now, this program is most likely the only program that will put you on the right track.
And further more she doesn’t just teach you how to determine your niche, but she teaches you a “system” so that when you decide to branch out into other niches you will know exactly how to do this and how to determine who they are. In other words, once she shows you how, you know forever how to go about determining your niche.
Don’t be one of the many business owners who keeps on insisting “my target is ‘everybody’ or ‘anybody’ who…”. Does that sound familiar? So if you are still saying that and your business is still not blooming, you most likely do not have the target market. See Ann and she will put you on the right track. Yes, she is “pushy” till she is able to push you in the right direction. Three cheers for the work she is doing!”

What did the teacher do well and what can be criticized? Your opinion?

Analyze the methods and style regarding:
- authenticity
- simplicity
- communicativity
- properness of the language used
- effectiveness
- atmosphere

Linguaprof: Le français des affaires, notre offre d’été!/ Business French/ Franceza pentru afaceri

Le contenu thématique pour 30 heures

I. Faire la connaissance d’une entreprise:

- postes de travail, contrats, conflits, entretien d’embauche, communication à l’aide des images et des gestes, diverses types de messages et d’exprimer la pensée (lettre, note, affiche, Internet, télex, téléphone, panneau d’affichage etc.).

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Linguaprof Teaching Academy 2012, cursuri gratuite de limba engleza pentru companii

  • De ce sa platiti atat de mult pentru cursurile de limba engleza, cand le puteti obtine gratuit sau cu discount de 50%?

Stiati ca exista Linguaprof Teaching Academy?

Internshipul nostru asigura:
• Un modul de curs de limba engleza (40 de ore) gratuit
(nivele elementary-intermediate)
• Costuri totale reduse cu 50% pentru cursuri
de limbi straine- in cazul unui contract pe mai multe
cursuri sau grupe

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